Who will be the 5%?

Due to CDC’s requirements this sailing will only have 5% non vaccinated guests sailing. This includes all who choose not to be vaccinated for one reason or another and children under 12 that aren’t eligible for the vaccine. Those guests may apply for an exception and if accepted, will be allowed to sail. If accepted they will need a negative COVID test before boarding.

Because of this those of us that vaccinated will not be required to wear masks or be concerned about social distancing. I do feel bad for the families that were so looking forward to cruising again only to be told they can not. I know my grandkids would be devastated if they thought they were cruising and then told not know.

No one expects this to last long and hopefully CDC will lighten up on their requirements so everyone will be able to get back to cruising. Meanwhile I will keep you current on this cruise.

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