Travel Day

Travel Day

Day started off with great news. Carnival pulled their magic and obtained authorization for John Heald to fly into the United States. He will be joining us on the Horizon after all!!

After last minute errands Beth picked me up and we headed to the airport. Of course with it being a Holiday weekend the traffic was horridness and we were delayed but right before I started to panic O received notification for Southwest that our flight was running 30 late.

There was no curbside check-in (to my utter disappointment) since I had my scooter, my backpack of electronics, my CPap, two bags to check (one larger & one carry on size). But the inside counter was moving fast and the agent that helped me was extremely friendly. He crossed over and retrieved my two bags and placed them on the scale (happy dance I wasn’t even close to 50 pounds) When I held out his tip ($5) he said “you don’t need to do that” I insisted and he thanks me. He did walked with me to the elevator, rode up with meG and directed me towards the Security section for my flight.

Pre-boarding was a breeze and even though we left late, we left lol. The entire time in airport plus on plane you must be fully masked (covering both nose and mouth) No scarf masks, or masks with vents in them are allowed. Southwest was happy to provide you with an appropriate mask if you didn’t have an acceptable one.

Baltimore was very busy especially around the food court, only about ⅔ of the food vendors were open. Which was okay because eating and drinking becomes a challenge as you have to pull your mask back up over your nose and mouth after each bite or drink.

Flights were delayed because of weather, not weather in Baltimore, but because of weather where the inbound flights were coming in from. Our flight waited for 14 passengers coming in late and even after they arrived we had to wait for their luggage to be put on plane by limited available staff. We finally took off at 8:37 instead of 7:10, (but we did leave 😊).

Southwest is offering a limited service onboard. Your options are 1-Coke, 2-Diet Coke, 3-Seven up, 4-Water and 5-Coffee. We were then asked to please leave masks on and use signs of 1 through 5 to let them know what we wanted. So when he came to my isle I obediently held up four fingers. 👍

Arrive 45 minutes late in Florida but I’m here and ready to crash for the night. This flight was different for sure but not different enough to keep me from flying again. 

During the entire flight and in all airports, face masks must be worn properly. When flying make sure you have a comfortable mask. I used a silicone insert to hold the fabric away from rubbing my face and it also made it easier to breath during the lengthy flight.


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