Assigned Deck & Stateroom

When we booked we just reserved an Interior Guarantee. We now have our stateroom assigned. We were actually upgraded to an Interior with a Port Hole. I know you’re thinking “What’s so exciting about a port hole?” First, an interior stateroom is totally black when the lights are off (I mean like dungeon dark) You can wake up and not know if its day or night until you check your phone or watch. The port hole will not only give us some light plus it will give us a heads up on the weather outside.

Two: The Port Hole Interior is 220sf compared to the Interior at 185sf, so its also an upgrade in space. Since I will be bringing my mobility scooter the extra 35sf will come in handy.

We are in Stateroom 1210 (Deck 1, Forward Aft.) Yes I said Deck ONE, NO it’s NOT below the water line lol. It’s Deck One of passenger decks, there are still decks below us. 

Deck plan

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