César Manrique Foundation — Volcano House in Tahíche


Copyright: Lothar Boris Piltz/unsplash

César Manrique Foundation — Volcano House in Tahíche

Art and nature intertwine in the spectacular setting of the Volcano House, managed by the César Manrique Foundation. Built into an old lava flow, this former home of renowned artist César Manrique offers a unique insight into his life and creative vision. The upper storey of this 3,000 square metre building showcases traditional Lanzarote architecture, while the lower storey is ingeniously built around five natural volcanic bubbles connected by tunnels. Marvel at the swimming pool, ballroom, and barbeque area, all surrounded by abundant plant life and striking basalt. The foundation houses an array of Spanish paintings and exhibition pieces, alongside fascinating photos, magazine articles, and audio clips that shed light on Manrique's life and artistic philosophy. Embrace the awe-inspiring blend of nature and creativity, and leave inspired by the harmony achieved in this remarkable volcanic abode.

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Lanzarote offers a splendid mix of nature and culture, inviting visitors to soak up the sun or embark on a thrilling mountain climb. Delve into the UNESCO-listed Timanfaya National Park, pay a visit to the home of esteemed architect César Manrique, ride the perfect wave on your surfboard, or simply relax on the island's picturesque beaches. With its diverse attractions, Lanzarote truly has something for everyone.