Browar Stara Komenda


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Browar Stara Komenda

The characteristics of a restaurant, a pub, and a brewery can be found at Browar Stara Komenda. This charming place offers a wide range of different nice beers and some great Polish food like sausages.


Szczecin offers an abundance of restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets. The choice is yours but whilst here, you ought to indulge in a hearty traditional Polish meal. Savour one of Poland's favourite meat dishes "kielbasa" (Polish sausage), and do not forget to sample the numerous pickled dishes as well. Polish food is truly flavoursome and plentiful. In Szczecin, we have few regional dishes, such as Pasztecik, Paprykarz Szczeciński, Szczecińskie Pierniki, and Frytburger. Paprykarz Szczeciński: A Polish canned fish spread made from ground fish, rice, tomato paste and vegetable oil, seasoned with onion, salt, and spices. The recipe was developed in the 60s on a 20th-century laboratory of Deep-Sea Fishing and Fishing Sevices Company "Gryf" from Szczecin. Those were the golden years of the cult can. Szczecin production finished in the early 90s. Later the brand has been used by many manufacturers. Pasztecik – Pasztecik (Pastry) is a favourite snack of many Szczeciners and tourists. Pastries are made of deep-fried rolled yeast cake, stuffed with meat or vegetable filling. The most popular stuffings are meat and mushrooms with cheese. On the outside, the cake is crispy and slightly crunchy; inside it is tender and delicate. Pastries are usually served with spicy beetroot soup. The origins of Szczecin pastries dates back to 1969 when the first bar serving meals cooked with the use of a machine bought from the Russian army. The same bar is still serving them. In 2019, there was the 50th birthday of the bar called “Pasztecik”, the one that first served pastries. The bar is located at aleja Wojska Polskiego 46. Szczecińskie Pierniki (Szczecin’s gingerbread cookies): The tradition of baking gingerbread cookies in the Pomerania region dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. Stettiner Poperkoken could be bought in all bakeries and pastry shops in the city. Sweet treats took the shape of ships, sailors, anchors, fish, and seagulls. Today, we can also boast the fragrant, edible souvenir in "Filipinka" bakery at Witkiewicza 1b street. Frytburger – It’s the local version of a kebab. It’s is just meat with fries in a roll with sauces. You can always go with the vegan version without meat, which is called Bułka z Frytkami – roll with fries.