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Szczecin Goods "Stettiner Waren"

Artisans who want to produce original “Stettiner Waren Szczecin goods“ can now aspire for the certificate and seal. The characteristic white ceramics have the opportunity to again become the showcase of our region. The Department of Promotion and Information of the City Office in Szczecin, at the request of the City Culture Centre, has designed a word and device trademark and has begun to work on its legal protection. Towards the end of 2009, an application was submitted to the Polish Patent Office to protect the trademark “STETTINER WAREN SZCZECIN GOODS” and the expression “STETTINER WAREN”. As a result, the City of Szczecin gained the right to use these trademarks. They were given to the City Culture Centre in Szczecin, where, pursuant to the decision of the Director, a Certifying Council was established, with the authority to produce and sell original Szczecin Goods. The originals of Szczecin's white ceramics are on display in the National Museum building in the Chrobry Embankment. Stettiner Waren Certificates Decisions to award the certificate are made by the Certifying Council established by the Director of the City Culture Centre in Szczecin, which works on the basis of Council Rules and Regulations. The certificates and seal to label goods are given to those artisans who produce ceramics according to tradition and history, maintaining their high artistic and utilitarian value. The application form for certificates allowing commencement of the production of ceramics under the label “Szczecin Goods” is available at the City Culture Centre in Szczecin at ul. Goleniowska 67 and on its website All information about ceramics, the chances of being awarded the certificate, and where to buy Szczecin Goods, is available at the City Culture Centre in Szczecin – tel. 91/46 91 639, e-mail

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