Miedzyodrze by kayak


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Miedzyodrze by kayak

Miedzyodrze is a region of flood waters and wetlands that spreads south of Szczecin bounded by the two arms of the Oder River – the Eastern and Western Oder. This area is situated within the Lower Oder Valley Landscape Park, so it is prohibited to sail there by boats with engines. Silence, calm and clear water makes Miedzyodrze a paradise for water birds, beavers, otters and rare plant species. For those eager for adventures and communing with wild and unspoiled nature the best way to see this region is by kayak, which makes it possible to discover its wild and intimate corners. While kayaking through a picturesque network of winding canals, you pass fields of forget-me-nots, kingcups, irises, ferns and hundreds of beautifully blossoming plants. From below duckweed, the limbs of dead trees stick out. Among dense bulrush you can look out for about 200 species of birds that have their hatcheries here, including herons, cormorants, sea eagles, buzzards and kingfishers. The winding flood waters of Międzyodrze are the result of human activity. The remains of regulation works from the beginning of the 19th Century such as forgotten sluices, pumping stations, embankments, etc. make a huge impression. Tours around Miedzyodrze are organised each week from the first Sunday in June till the middle of September, by „Miedzyodrze” Stanica Wodna (near Dziewoklicz beach). It is also possible to rent kayaks there for individual tours. Stanica is managed by the Regional Division of Szczecin PTTK – Tel. 091 434 56 24

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