La Parrilla


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La Parrilla

Vibrant Mexican restaurant in downtown Cancún serving a large selection of Mexican seafood and meat dishes accompanied by a Mariachi band and skilful waiters--some of them can even carry stacked cocktails on their heads without dropping them. The portions at La Parrilla are generous, and the food is quite tasty, but this place does tend to get busy and very loud, so if you're in the mood for a quiet evening dinner, consider going somewhere else.


Mexican cuisine is very versatile and best known for its intense and varied flavours, colourful decoration and variety of spices. Tacos, nachos and guacamole are only a small part of Cancún’s culinary repertoire beside the large palette of foreign cuisine. Whether you fancy a quick snack on the trot or a gourmet meal in stylish settings, Cancún has a fantastic selection of restaurants featuring dishes from all over the world.