Banco Lotto n.10


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Banco Lotto n.10

By the will of the Municipality of Venice, Banco Lotto 10 was opened in 2003 in an attempt to exhibit the fruit of a retraining program at the women's prison on Giudecca. The stylish clothes and accessories you'll find here are all designed and hand-made by inmates who work in the boutique assisted by many volunteers.


Walking through the labyrinth of streets in Venice, you'll come across many interesting shops that are certainly worth a visit. From traditional markets selling local specialities like prosciutto and a variety of Italian cheeses to shops selling Venetian treasures like a gondolier's hats and colourful glass items made on the island of Murano. If you're after high fashion shops, they're located at Via XXII Marzo and neighbouring streets. Via XXII Marzo stretches from St Mark's Square towards Academia, and it's one of the main streets for luxury shopping in Venice, where you'll find renowned brands like Prada, Valentino, Etro, Chanel, and Gucci. There's also a designer outlet located about 40km from Venice.