Locanda Cipriani


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Locanda Cipriani

Born to be a rural "maison d'hôte" (a guest house), the restaurant Locanda Cipriani is part of the world-famous luxury hotel of the same name, welcoming guests in a very simple environment where the atmosphere is cosy and relaxing. The menu includes dishes created by the Cipriani family, which are now considered classics, such as carpaccio of raw meat and Sampietro fish ‘alla Carlina’, a variety of fish-based dishes, and homemade pasta. To accompany your food, a fine selection of Italian and particularly Friulian and Venetian wines.


Venice has a large variety of restaurants, and as usual with Italian cities, the best dining experience can be enjoyed at a simple neighbourhood trattoria off the tourist rabble. The city boasts many culinary specialities, like bigoli in anchovy sauce or castraure — tiny artichokes with Parmesan shavings and olive oil.