Gelato Fantasy


Copyright: Mark Cruz/Unsplash
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Gelato Fantasy

Gelato Fantasy opened in the space of a blacksmith's former workshop. Since 1998, it has been an artisanal ice cream shop where workers share a deep love for tradition. Here you can try the cream of the Doges — a Venetian speciality — as well as tasty fresh fruit sorbets, seasonal flavours, and crepes.


Coffee is as important as pasta for the Italians. And as the place where it all began — coffee was introduced to Europe through the port of Venice — it is no surprise the city is full of cafés. If you want to act like a local, there are some unwritten rules you should keep in mind when ordering your coffee. - Cappuccino or any other kind of coffee based on milk should only be drunk in the morning. - When ordering an espresso, do not use the word espresso, which is actually just a technical phrase. Ask the barista for simply "un caffè". - And last but not least, when ordering "un caffè", you do not usually sit down, you simply stand at the bar and enjoy your cup of coffee.