Pillnitz Camellia


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Pillnitz Camellia

As a gift to foster political bonds, Kew Gardens London sent one of four highly sought-after Japanese Camellia sprouts (brought to London by a Swedish botanist after a Japan excursion) to Pillnitz, Germany. But, the sprout had a hard time adjusting to the cold central European winters. Today, it is housed in a glass house built on railways that can be moved back and forth to shade the sensitive plant as needed.

Useful Information

  • Address: August-Böckstiegel-Straße 2, Dresden
  • Email: pillnitz@schloesserland-sachsen.de
  • Phone: +49 351 2613 260
  • Opening House: www.schlosspillnitz.de/en/pillnitz-palace-park/the-camellia/

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