Radost FX


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Radost FX

The night club, restaurant, and cocktail bar known as Radost (joy) FX, flies in internationally famous DJs from around the world, and wins prizes for its delicious drinks. The club was chosen, by the British Ministry, as one of the world’s best. Don’t miss the vegetarian restaurant, which is open late every night.

Useful Information

  • Address: Bělehradská 120, Prague
  • Email: info@radostfx.cz
  • Phone: +420 777 921 000
  • More Info: www.radostfx.cz
  • Address: Lounge opens at 5pm, the music club at 11pm
  • Opening House: Happy hour 5pm–10pm
  • More Info: e6d9ced902d2b7a2391774446aa73472fae83871
  • More Info: www.facebook.com/radostfxclub

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