Ice Pub Prague


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Ice Pub Prague

Inside the Ice Pub Prague the temperature is minus 7 degrees. To make sure you don't turn into a boozy icicle, the maximum time to visit the ice bar is 30 minutes which gives you enough time to try the ice shots. This will likely become your most memorable pub experience.

Useful Information

  • Address: Novotného lávka 200/5, Prague
  • Email:
  • Phone: +420 222 220 502
  • More Info:
  • Opening House: Daily noon–5am
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Bars & Nightlife

Prague has a vibrant nightlife that attracts travellers from all over the world. Some are in perpetual search of bars where beer is seemingly cheaper than water, but there is also an incredible variety in the city’s many bars, clubs, cafes and beer houses. You can start your exploration of Prague's nightlife right in the Old Town, but don't hesitate to venture out of the very centre. A night out in Prague is one of Europe's great bucket list experiences.