Gloriamaris Jewelry Shop


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Gloriamaris Jewelry Shop

The Gloriamaris is located in the centre of Vodice and is certainly one of the most beautiful souvenir shops since 1977. Their unique jewellery made from Adriatic coral and precious stones are original pieces of art. Red coral jewellery and bracelets are distinguished by their simplicity and elegance. Besides the classic jewellery the store offers a special line made with combinations of various natural materials and a wide selection of souvenirs (shells and coral are just a few hits to choose from).


Vodice has a number of small, cute and well equipped souvenir and gift shops. In every shop you can find a rare and interesting gifts like handcrafted art pieces from well-known designers or food producers from the region and Croatia. Do not be surprised if you discover an exclusive piece of jewellery from a famous Croatian designer or the most exclusive wine on the coast in one of those backstreet shops in Vodice.