Caffe Bar Žbirac


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Caffe Bar Žbirac

A coffee or a beer sipped leisurely on a seaside terrace, tree leaves covering from the scorching sun and nothing to think of besides enjoying the welcoming weather. Cafe Bar Žbirac is where to start the day with an energy boost.


Worry not if you can't image life without coffee — Split will take good care of you. The narrow cobbled streets and ancient squares are dotted with quaint cafes. Cafeterias are seen as gathering points in the historical Split and coffee (Kava) is rather strong to keep you going. The trendy Riva with its sweeping views of the sea is certainly a favourite among-coffee lover. Treat yourself to the atmospheric ambiance and delicious coffee, where the lively crowd passes by leisurely and the marine breeze tickles your nostrils. The picturesque alleys that run throughout the town are also full of cosy cafeterias, perfectly embodying the laid-back lifestyle of the Croatians.