Calgary Farmers' Market


Copyright: Mack Male/cc by-sa 2.0/Flickr

Calgary Farmers' Market

Calgary Farmer's Market aims to support the city's growers and small businesses, by providing a space where they can sell locally grown products. It has more than 70 vendors selling not only fresh produce, meat and all things food, but also crafted goods, pet products, art and jewelry items. They also host season-themed events, often featuring live music.


To make the most out of your shopping experience in Calgary, it's best to keep a few hot spots in mind. Downtown hosts a couple of malls as well as 8 Avenue Southwest, where you'll find a great number of stores. The Red Mile, in 17 Avenue Southwest, is where you want to go for clothes and apparel, while Fourth Street caters more to those looking for home furnishing and fashion items. If you want to buy something more locally-sourced, Inglewood would be your best bet, with its boutiques and antique stores.